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Discovery is a core element that we incorporate in the lives of our children every day. From creative play time to expanding knowledge, our mission is to embody a culture of constant discovery.

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We organize active cognitive development of all children through games, curriculum, and interactions. Enhancing each child's skills through development strategies is our daily practice. 

Kids in Preschool

We organize active cognitive development of all children through games, curriculum, and interactions. Enhancing each child's skills through development strategies is our daily practice. 


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Loving God is not just a part of who we are, it is the culture of our center. A relationship with the Lord begins as a child and we strive to build the foundation for a long lasting life of knowing Christ.


And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven".
Matthew 18:3



We are honored that you are interested in Victory Tabernacle Child Development Center. The VT CDC was founded in the 1990's as a ministry of Victory Tabernacle Church and has successfully seen thousands of children grow through our center.


It has been our pleasure to care for and educate children of all ages for over twenty years. With over twenty teachers and staff members dedicated to enriching your child's life, you will be glad you chose Victory Tabernacle Child Development Center.

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06 Weeks - 12 Months

Your infant will thrive in our safe, attentive, and nurturing environment. We will follow your schedule for feedings and sleep. Our staff will create daily reports about nap times, meals, and diaper changes.

Crawling Toddler


12 - 24 Months

Our toddler programs are specially designed for toddlers on the go. Daily schedules include gross motor activities, art, music, reading, play time, small group activities, snacks, lunch, and a nap.



Two Years Old

Our two year old programs are  designed to help children's with a  daily routine and potty training. We begin the Abeka curriculum at this age to introduce to them art, music, reading, and bible time.  Gross motor skill activities and play time is also a big part of their day. 

Kids in Daycare


Abeka Curriculum

1. Phonics Skills Development-Recognize each letter’s shape and sound

2. Motor Skills Development-  Practice hand-eye coordination: Trace letter shapes, glue objects on letter shape, work puzzles , fish with magnet on pole, toss a beanbag, Identify articles in a bag by touch, zip and unzip an item, play games that include galloping, tightrope walking, bouncing a ball

3. Creativity Development- Animal Alphabet Friends (26) Recognize letters on picture flashcards , Practice letter name and sound with Amber Lamb puppet and felt letters, Learn a song for each letter. 



Abeka Curriculum

1. Phonics: ABC-123 contains brightly-colored exercises that will appeal to 4-year-olds and reinforce their beginning phonics and reading skills. Writing with


2. Phonics: K4 provides phonics practice later in the year


3. Reading: Little Books 1–12 and Animal Friends Books 1–8 are the basis of the K4 reading program. The Little Books give children practice reading letters, words, and simple sentences. Each book is short enough to complete in two or three sessions. Later, students are thrilled to be able to read simple stories in their very own Animal Friends readers.


4.Numbers: In K4, children learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers. By the end of the year, they will be able to count from 1 to 100, recognize numbers 1–20, distinguish before and after numbers, and answer simple combinations. ABC-123 has practice pages that reinforce the concepts and the formation of numbers 1 to 20 by having children count and color familiar objects.


5. Developmental Skills: Readiness Skills K4 includes pages that help develop children’s listening skills and motor coordination through activities such as following instructions, coloring, cutting, and directed drawing. Free art, which allows children to draw or color their own original creations on art paper, will also help develop visual perception and motor skills.

Sharing Student


Elementary Students

Services are provided for the following schools: Evergreen , Clover Hill , Crenshaw , Old Hundred Road, Providence, Spring Run and Swift Creek Elementary School. We provide daycare during school closings and delays. We also have a Summer Camp program for School Age children during the summer months. 



* Fees Are Subject To Change *



  • Registration Fees:


       $100 Per child. 10% off for oldest child for multiple children.​

  • Book & Supply Fees:

  1.  18 - 24 months: $35.00

  2.  2 Year old class: $55.00

  3.  3 Year old class: $105.00

  4.  4 year old class + Junior Kindergarten: $155.00

  • Tuition Full Time (7:00 am - 6:00 pm)

  1.  Infant class (6 weeks - 12 months): $295.00 weekly

  2.  Toddlers (12 months - 24 months): $295.00 weekly

  3.  Two year old class:$275 weekly

  4.  Three year old class: $250.00 weekly

  5.  Four year old class: $210.00 weekly

  • Before & After School Care: $150.00

  • Before Care Only: $90.00

  • After Care Only: $100.00

  • Schools Serviced:

  1. Evergreen Elementary (bus pick-up)

  2. Swift Creek Elementary

  3. Alberta Smith Elementary

  4. Jacobs Road Elementary

  5. Spring Run Elementary

  6. Providence Elementary

  7. Reams Elementary



What is required to register my child?


To register your child with us, we will need a copy of:


  • Valid driver’s license of parent(s)

  • Original birth certificate of child(ren)

  • Current immunization record for child(ren)

  • VTCDC registration forms completed

  • Registration fee

  • Book Fees

  • 1st week’s tuition


What is the behavior policy?

Part of learning for every child includes what is acceptable and appropriate behavior.

We take a positive approach by using the following methods:

*Ignoring the non acceptable behavior when possible.  Giving praise to the acceptable behavioral choices.

*Redirect the child's unacceptable behavior to a more productive activity such as art work or play time.

*Talking with the child and explaining to him/her the problem or the inappropriate actions.

*If the child continues to act in an unsafe manner(for himself, others, or property) we will take away privileges for a short period of time.

*If the child is playing unsafely or hurting another child, he/she will be sent to another area for a short period time until he/she feels ready to safely go back and be part of their class.

*For the safety of everyone, aggressive behavior is not tolerated.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept all forms of payment—Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, Cash, Check, Money Order.

What is the inclement weather procedure?


We DO NOT follow Chesterfield County’s schedule for delayed opening or closings due to inclement weather.

We will post all inclement weather updates to Channel 12, NBC Richmond.

Will my child be taught Church of God doctrine?

We do not teach Church of God Doctrine; while attending VTCDC your child will be taught biblical principles based on God’s holy word, the Bible.      

Am I required to attend Victory Tabernacle or be a member for my child to be enrolled?

No, we do not require this of parents however we would be delighted for you to attend our church. Please see this page for information on our services.




We would love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns!

Postal Address:
11700 Genito Road
Midlothian, VA 23112

Phone Number:
ext. 226




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